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Ulster County Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Helping You Secure the Favorable Outcome You Need

If you have been injured at work, you may be faced with frustration, fear and the need for guidance. If you are unable to return to work quickly, you may be concerned with payment for your mortgage or rent, groceries, insurance or bills you face on a daily basis. Fortunately, your injuries may entitle you to workers' compensation wage loss replacement benefits from the compensation insurance carrier that are not always easily obtained.

We recommend that you hire a legal professional to represent you in all aspects of the claim. Attempting to go through the process alone may result in your workers' comp claim being underpaid or even wrongfully denied. If you have been involved in a work-related accident and have suffered injuries that cause you to miss work, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced workers' compensation lawyer from Kirk & Teff, LLP as soon as possible so that you will get important tips on how to file the claim properly and to follow up with your doctors so that you will be paid your wage loss benefits promptly.

Our Ulster County workers' comp lawyers fight to obtain successful results for clients and have helped thousands navigate through Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability processes to obtain results. We know how to maximize compensation for our clients.

When you work with us, you can expect the following from our team:

  • A free review of all claims without obligation.
  • A careful assessment of all information provided to our office by the injured worker.
  • A full analysis of workers' comp claims to determine what steps have been taken and what steps are necessary to preserve the injured worker's right to benefits.
  • With permission of the injured worker we will obtain additional information from the Workers' Compensation Board and insurance carrier and provide you with a comprehensive outline of your rights and how to protect them.

At Kirk & Teff, LLP, our commitment is to provide all clients with the best possible representation. Begin today by filling out a free online form!

We've Represented Thousands of Injured Workers

With more than one hundred years of collective legal experience, we are committed to fight for your rights. Our legal team will listen to you, review your case, and provide you with an effective legal solution. No matter what the situation, our firm is available to make sure that your rights as an injured worker are protected. Our firm provides top-notch legal counsel that you can trust, and we tailor our services to ensure that the unique needs of each client are met.

We can assist you with all of the following:

When you choose to hire Kirk & Teff, LLP, you can be confident that we will carefully review all information available and represent you with determination and efficiency. You may be entitled to a monetary benefit package from an initial filing of your claim, or you may be entitled to an increased award for an older work injury within the past 18 years, whether or not you already have received an award for lost time from work or even for a loss of use of an appendage, loss of vision, loss of hearing or facial scar. You deserve to have your rights protected, and it is our goal to make sure that occurs.

About Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation claims for on-the-job accidents or occupational diseases generally provide for wage loss replacement and coverage of medical expenses for causally related injuries and conditions subject to the Workers' Compensation Board's Medical Treatment Guidelines.

All work-related injuries should be evaluated by an experienced workers' compensation attorney and legal team to determine the status of a claim, whether there are additional monetary awards due the injured worker, and to confirm the future legal rights of the injured worker.

When a worker is injured on the job or develops a physical or psychological condition requiring medical care and that may result in lost time from work, we recommend that the following steps be taken as soon as possible:

  1. File a written incident report with the employer as soon as possible, preferably the same day, and keep a copy for personal records;
  2. Obtain medical evaluation and treatment at any onsite employer medical facility or offsite emergency room, urgent care facility, family physician, and/or specialist, as soon as possible, preferably the same day;
  3. Make sure that all injury sites and conditions are included on the incident report filed with the employer and are reported to all health service providers, so that the insurance carrier has notice of each injury site and condition, and medical evidence to support the claim.

Our experienced attorneys, legal representatives, paraprofessionals, and support staff are available to assist injured workers and their families after work accidents or the onset of disability under the Workers' Compensation Law and Social Security Disability Benefits Law.

How an Ulster County Workers' Compensation Lawyer Can Help

Searching for a lawyer for workers' compensation in Ulster County? If you have been injured at work, you undoubtedly have many questions regarding Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability. Social Security is an alternative form of compensation and should be considered in addition to any rights to Workers' Compensation benefits or as another option if the injury or condition is not work related. Our team of professionals is here to help answer all of your questions. Our highest aim is to obtain all relevant information and file all necessary forms and reports to ensure the best possible resolution.

Our firm strives to protect your rights through each step of the process. Most workplaces pose a threat of physical or psychological injury to employees depending upon expected or unforeseen situations. Even a practical joke by a well-meaning or negligent coworker can result in injury that may entitle you to benefits. No matter what the situation, Kirk & Teff, LLP, will be there to help. Schedule your free case evaluation today by calling (888) 799-3857 or visit the office nearest you.

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