• Mr. Kirk is down-to-earth and easy to talk with.
    Mr. Kirk is down-to-earth and easy to talk with. Jodi is an absolute gem, who has continuously gone to bat for me with any issues I have. I 100% recommend this law firm for anyone in need!

    - Henna J.

  • I highly recommend this law firm for Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability claims.
    I refer cases to Kirk and Teff. Consistently their attorneys go above and beyond for our mutual clients. I highly recommend this law firm for Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability claims.

    - John D.

  • Great Team & Hardworking!
    Thank you for all the hard work and helping me through this process with this case. Great team work I truly appreciate it.

    - G.L.

  • Would highly & unequivocally recommend Kirk & Teff!
    The Kirk & Teff law firm represented me in several areas of disability law. Their representation was highly professional and their goal was to always have my best interest in mind. The entire staff of this law firm displayed exceptional knowledge, teamwork, and sincerity. Their extensive knowledge of the Worker's Compensation and Social Security Laws resulted in my legal matters being concluded with very satisfactory results. I would highly and unequivocally recommend their law firm.

    - Carol S.

  • Couldn't praise them enough!
    Kirk and Teff take a personal interest in your claim. They work tirelessly to ensure you are taken care of throughout the entire process. They are extremely responsive, professional, and helpful with any questions or concerns you may have. I have had two claims settled by this firm and couldn't praise them enough. The paperwork, appointments, and all the other red tape type issues you can encounter during a claim are always taken care of by them without hesitation! Five stars highly recommended!

    - Mike D.

  • God Bless the Staff at Kirk & Teff!
    Hello to all the staff at Kirk and Teff; I’d like to start by saying thank you for all you have done for me. God bless you all - one of the best things to happen in the last 5 years of my life. When I was getting my first cortisone shot a couple next to me asked ‘do you have a lawyer representing you?’, ‘what do I need a lawyer for?’ I responded, they gave me the name of Kirk and Teff, and thank God they did. I called and was immediately set up with an appointment, that was July of 2016. The firm of Kirk and Teff has been there for me every step of the way and thank God for that. I do not feel I would be here today. They were there for me - I mean all the staff and lawyers, especially Bob King and Drew Chisholm. I wish to thank you all from my heart. Letting me know what will happen and what to expect to happen. You all were exceptional in your jobs you perform. So from my heart, God bless be safe stay well so you can keep fighting for the people through horrific times in our lives. GOD BLESS THE STAFF AT KIRK AND TEFF.

    - Michael P.

  • Kirk & Teff - Top-Notch in their field!
    I first met with Ralph Kirk after incurring a work-related injury and having much frustration with a prior representative at a different law firm who continued to leave messages unanswered and talked down to me as if I was not worth his effort to offer details. A good friend insisted I make an appointment with Mr. Ralph Kirk staying “He is one of the greatest men I know and top-notch in his field!” So I had my first consult with Mr. Kirk, where I actually was being explained the process and received honest and professional care. Mr. Kirk then introduced me to Mr. Bob King who handled every detail and paperwork related to workers' compensation all along the way, giving his full attention and expertise! Anytime I received paperwork which needed attention or whenever I had a question, I simply called and got quick and considerate assistance or timely appointment when needed. The office staff has been efficient, available, and thoughtful. Any and all court proceedings were attended in a timely fashion with pre-discussions and follow-ups for clarity. My expectations were superseded with every encounter. It is with full confidence and gratitude that I offer my full endorsement. Don’t delay call as soon as possible - you won’t regret it!

    - Lorraine H.

  • Kirk & Teff took my case all the way!
    I switched my difficult Worker's Comp case to Kirk and Teff after having a bad experience with my original attorney. They had my back, fighting to obtain the care I needed after a debilitating injury. Their communication is excellent and they really care about their clients. They took my case all the way and won. Rebeccah, Bill, Bob,Chris and Ralph Kirk led me through hearing after hearing and the settlement process successfully. They are very professional and very good people, who will fight the good fight for you. Don't even think about going against Worker's Comp without Kirk and Teff on your side.

    - Paul B.

  • Jodi was highly knowledgeable & very helpful!
    I’ve been a client for many years. I just wanted to take the time and let you know I appreciate your employee Jodi very much. She knows her job and has been very helpful.

    - Sharon A.

  • Always there if I had any questions!
    I just wanted to say thank you to Mr Kistner for getting my case done so quickly. He was always there if I had any questions, I would definitely recommend the law firm to any of my family and friends.
  • Outstanding Staff!
    First and foremost...thank you and your outstanding staff for always assisting me with my questions and concerns. Kathleen has been fantastic helping me on the days where I am totally confused with the New York State process. I realize that everyone is extremely busy and it is greatly appreciated.

    - Michael A.

  • Every time I called the staff was friendly & able to help me!
    I've been a client of Mr. Kirk's since 1997, every time I called the staff was friendly and able to help me. Special thanks to Alex, Kathleen, Jodi, Anita, Ms. Miner, and Ms. Kane. Every time I did put a personal message to Mr. Kirk he got right back to me. I don't have a single bad word to say. I would recommend them to anyone.

    - Wally Z.

  • Took the time to answer my questions which helped me understand everything that came my way!
    It was a pleasure having the Kirk & Teff team on my side. The Workers' Comp process is a complicated one and to have knowledgeable compassionate people behind you makes the process bearable. I worked closely with Justin Teff and Chris O'Leary and would highly recommend them. They both took the time to answer my questions which helped me understand everything that came my way. Do yourself a favor and higher this firm, you will not be disappointed.

    - Jereme M.

  • Attorney Ralph Kirk is a 40 year shining bright star legal councilor!

    Attorney Ralph Kirk, Esq., of Kirk & Teff LLP, is representing myself on an open New York State workers compensation claim versus a motor freight trucking company injury. I am very impressed with Attorney Ralph Kirk's 40 year knowledge of all facets of the very complicated New York State Workers Compensation rules, regulations and limitations on injuries. Attorney Ralph Kirk also has a sincere personality that truly demonstrated to me, that Attorney Ralph Kirk actually likes what he does and that his clients are his number one first concern. The other Kirk & Teff attorneys, paralegals, receptionists and support team folks are 100% focused on being so very polite and always helpful at all times to their clients. Every client they have is treated special. Thank you Attorney Ralph Kirk, for being my attorney and councilor, of the past, present and future. Five stars to you sir and your firm.

    - Bill D.

  • Truly Appreciative!

    Ralph, I thank for all of your efforts on my behalf, I truly am very appreciative. You are one of the few men that have come into my life that has earned my respect.

    Thank you!

    - Bob O.

  • Kirk & Teff! Stayed on top of everything!
    They took over for my previous attorney and I am so much happier with them. They stay on top of everything! Never to busy to answer questions!! Incredibly caring!

    - Brooklyn M.

  • Thank You Mr. Kirk for Helping My Aunt

    When my aunt was injured at work she asked me (her nephew) for help. She is 81 years old, works every Saturday and makes a very small amount to help pay her bills. She has no money to hire an attorney and knows I run a manufacturing company in Kingston and that I work with lawyers. Yes, I know contract law, but I know nothing about labor law – but I can try. Long story short, we filed all the papers and went to Workers Comp court (without a lawyer) and had the judge grant us time to negotiate an out of court settlement with my aunt’s company. We did agree to a good settlement – but I did not understand how to file the final court papers. We met with Mr. Kirk and I offered to pay him for his help to file the papers. He said let me review your documents and I will then get back to you. When we next met, Mr. Kirk said I think I can get you more money than your settlement, I can file all the papers and I will NOT charge you for the work. And he did just that. Mr. Kirk got us 42 % more money and had the settlement agreement pay for his work. Thank you Mr. Kirk for helping my aunt.

    - Frank F.

  • Finest Legal Professionals!
    Kirk & Teff Law Firm & staff are some of the finest legal professionals and human beings I've ever met!

    - Michael C.

  • Really can't say enough good things about Kirk & Teff, LLP!
    I really can't say enough good things about Kirk & Teff, LLP. We reached out to this law firm for assistance in securing social security disability compensation and from the first meeting onward, we felt comfortable, supported, and expertly guided through the process. When we had questions, we received same-day answers, even on weekends. Especially in terms of navigating the medical documentation requirements and the social security interview, our attorney and hearing representative were invaluable. As it turns out, my application was approved first round in under four months?no appeal or hearing necessary. We could not have hoped for a better outcome!

    - D A

  • Top flight professionals, who were there for me when I needed them.
    Mr. Kirk and the entire staff at his office are top flight professionals, who were there for me when I needed them. I have been with Mr. Kirk since 1996, and have always been treated with the utmost respect the entire time. The advised me to seek unemployment when the insurance company cut my payments. I am still in my house because of that advice.

    - F.B. and Family

  • Their level of professionalism and legal expertise was remarkable.
    The staff at Kirk & Teff, LLP, has been exceptional in handling my Workers' Comp Case. Their level of professionalism and legal expertise was remarkable and both Mr. Kirk and his associates went above and beyond to help me with my case. When I was injured at work, they met with me and helped me by always being available and keeping me informed of my case status. My injuries are permanent and have had an effect on my professional career. By helping me with my legal case, Mr. Kirk and his staff have been able to negotiate a settlement, which will assist me with the physical and financial loss I have endured. I highly recommend Kirk & Teff, LLP, for helping me with my case and a favorable outcome.

    - T.A.

  • I never thought I'd ever need a lawyer, yet alone love having one!
    I never thought I'd ever need a lawyer, yet alone love having one! And I love that it's Kirk & Teff. They've taken dealing with the various organizations involved in my workers' compensation cases from a nightmare to a "piece of cake." I now know why they were so highly recommended.

    - S.S.

  • Thank You All, For Being Great Advocates for the working people!
    I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Mr. Justin Teff, of Kirk & Teff Law Office. I met Mr. Teff in March 2014 due to a legal matter that my husband and I were dealing with. I felt that Justin was patient in listening to our concerns and legal questions. Justin explained our options and rights to us. While listening to him it was like a breath of fresh air and the stress was lifting away! I find that Justin is extremely personal and caring for the rights of his clients. I have the highest admiration and respect for him. My husband and I felt at ease with our concerns. Mr. Teff has a wonderful manner and respect for his client and the law. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is not sure, or just to inquire what their rights are. If there is any type of an award for humanity in the bar I would vote for Justin Teff Esq. for this award. I also would like to say that the whole law firm treats you with the same respect, and looks out for your best interests. Thank You All, For Being Great Advocates for the working people!

    - L.N.

  • 5 stars!
    What it took other attorneys 10 years to do, Mr. Kirk did in a year and a half.

    - C.S.

  • Not only am I pleased that it's settled, you got me more than we all expected.
    I just wanted to send a note to all of you at Ralph's office, to say thank you for getting my Workers' Compensation case settled. Not only am I pleased that it's settled, you got me more than we all expected. Thanks so much again for all your hard work, it paid off for all of us in the end.

    - S. M.

  • Without Their Help My Life Would Be Ruined!
    Very caring hard working people! They really helped in every way possible always. They are always kind, considerate and understanding. They go over and above to help you, from the first time you call and all threw every aspect of all problems a first class team and world class establishment! With out there help my life would be ruined, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    - Dean D.

  • Very Good Attention to Client's Needs & Expectations!
    Very good attention to their clients’ needs and expectations. Enjoyable to work with. walked me thru all the complicated and redundant processes of the work man’s comp. system. Highly recommend using them for all your comp, needs.

    - Corey B.

  • Thank You Attorney King For the Increased Quality of Life!
    Dear Mr. King, I am happy to inform you that I have received my new hearing aids. I am presently in the process of having them programmed to my specific hearing needs by Dr. Perry. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the work that was done on my behalf so I could receive those hearing aids. It's such a pleasure to have a conversation with other individuals or to watch T.V. and be able to understand everything that was being said. You have no idea how much they increase the quality of life in a person's environment. Again thank you so very much!

    - Happy & Hearing Again

  • Communication with Kirk & Teff was clear, judgement-free & effective!
    After having my disability denied the first time I decided to enlist the help of Kirk & Teff. Their communication was clear, judgement free and effective. I won my case this past February thanks to the help of Drew and Jennifer and all the assisting staff. Great job! I would definitely recommend to people who are fighting this crazy (often drawn out) battle. So glad we won and I can now focus on my recovery.

    - Annalee P.

  • Kirk & Teff were very attentive & looking out for my best interests!
    Kirk & Teff helped me realize some compensation that I would never had been able to do on my own , all without any up front payments. They were very attentive and looking out for my best interests.

    - Cindy M.

  • I am very thankful and fortunate to have obtained Ralph Kirk and his experienced staff.
    I am very thankful and fortunate to have obtained Ralph Kirk and his experienced staff. I would not have known any of the laws and my rights if it was not for the help of all of you. Thanks very much for your support and assistance.

    - K. V

  • Cared about me as a person and got me the compensation I deserved.
    When I injured myself working for my employer I knew I was not 100% and did not know if I would ever be again. I was afraid for the first time in my life. I needed help so I turned to Kirk & Teff, LLP as employers are more concerned about their bottom line than the rights of the injured person. Mr. Kirk cared about me as a person and got me the compensation I deserved. Thank God for that day as through the years my injuries worsened, eventually leading to permanent disability. I would like to thank Mr. Kirk and his knowledgeable staff, including licensed hearing representative Robert King and attorney Justin Teff. This man never missed a beat and took control of the court room I cannot thank him enough. When I could no longer work James Chisholm walked me through the process of getting Social Security Disability, and I received it on the first attempt in three months time. I also want to thank all the office staff as I do not know how they do it, but are all on point and extremely helpful. I have always done my best, and Kirk & Teff, LLP have done the same.

    - B. A. M. Sr.

  • Kirk & Teff are the best at what they do!
    Kirk & Teff are the best at what they do!!!!!!! I had a major truck accident in 2010 and they have been with me ever since handling all my workers compensation issues always looking out for my interest they make all lawyers jokes not true they are the best!

    - John F.

  • Really go above and beyond
    I am really glad that I went with your Law firm to help me. In the future I am going to refer all my friends and family to you. You and your firm really go above and beyond to help me out thank you.

    - A.E.

  • I am extremely satisfied, very impressed!
    I'm writing this to say that I am extremely satisfied with (Justin Teff) Attorney at Kirk & Teff, LLP. When I had no body to turn to, I contacted his office to handle comp claims for me due to being injured on the job. Let me tell you he has fought for me through the whole court process and has won on every level. I was very impressed with his style and intelligence. You need someone to handle this type of legal case well. I would recommend Justin in a heartbeat because without a doubt he will represent you to the fullest, Thank you very much Justin. Yours respectfully, B.H.

    - B.H.

  • Jim Chisolm is an AMAZING attorney!
    Jim Chisolm is an AMAZING attorney who specializes in social security disability. I highly recommend him. He is very accommodating and a pleasure to speak to!

    - Jodi R.

  • This law firm is the best I have dealt with
    To Kirk & Teff, LLP - It has been a pleasure to have the staff at this law firm work for me. I feel as though the client always comes first and all your staff take their jobs very seriously. I have never felt let down. To put it simply, this law firm is the best I have dealt with. Thank you to Ralph, Justin, Bob, Jodi, Kim, Chris and the rest of the staff!

    - E.L.

  • Were able to get me a significant award.
    I'd just like to share my experience with Kirk & Teff, LLP. I am recently retired and had been with another law office for many years for several workers' compensation cases. After retiring I was advised by my former lawyer to pursue social security disability. However, his office didn't handle social security disability cases. Several of my former co-workers referred me to Mr. Kirk's office. Not only did they successfully secure my Social Security benefits, but they also were able to go back and open an old comp case a get me a significant award. You will notice the difference when you go to your first hearing; your lawyer will have done his homework and it will be reflected in the outcome of the case.

    - J.M.

  • The service your office has provided to me has always been professional and courteous
    Mr. Kirk: As always, I appreciate the help you have given me with regards to my schedule loss of use awards. I have been sending many of my co-workers to you. The service your office has provided to me has always been professional and courteous, and as such I plan on send you as many referrals as I can in the future. Me and my family greatly appreciate your hard work and efforts in handling this and all of our other claims.

    - D.M.D.

  • Great job you all have done, THANK YOU!
    Mr. Kirk: I need to see where you would like the "THANK YOU" party I wish to throw for you and your team. I wish to do so because of the great job you all have done for not just me, but my wife, kids and grandkids also. Again, THANK YOU!

    - R.K. Jr. and family

  • Jennifer answered all my questions & held my hand when I needed it!
    Amazing! Jennifer O. ran the show and made sure I was more then prepared for my hearing. She answered all my questions and held my hand when I needed it. I felt like I was in good hands the whole time and it helped my anxiety lessen just knowing she was there helping me. I highly recommend this office and especially Jen to everyone. If you need help, this is the place to go. Thanks again!!!

    - Niki D.

  • Jennifer never treated me like a number, always kept me updated & informed!
    I can only say GREAT things about my experience with Jennifer Osterhoudt. She never treated me like a number, always kept me updated and informed, answered all of my questions but most of all showed warmth and compassion throughout this grueling process. I would highly recommend Kirk & Teff. I was previously working with a large, well advertised social security attorney firm where I was just a number. So glad I switched! Thank you for your time Jennifer. I appreciate all you have done for me.

    - Lisa S.

  • Kirk & Teff treated me great they carried me all the way through!
    This was the only time that I learned to respect lawyers . Kirk & Teff treated me great they carried me all the way through. I was fortunate enough to have been able to use them for workers compensation and also SSD . For these type of cases there is no other firm who can compare . I should know I had used another firm when I worked in the city. THANK YOU KIRK &TEFF

    - Bernard R.

  • Kirk and Teff have had my back since DAY ONE!!
    Kirk and Teff have had my back since DAY ONE!! Their Knowledge of compensation rights have truly protected me and my Family!! BOB,KIM,Jody,Anita,Alex,Doug and Greg! ARE A TEAM TO BE RECKONED WITH!!! HAT'S OFF!!! And MANY THANKS!!!!!

    - Clayton S.

  • Ralph Kirk's dedication to the health and welfare of workers give many a victim a strong and able voice.
    Dear Ralph: May I first express my sincerest regards. As you know, my name is [withheld] and I am a retired pesticide inspector. I worked for nearly 20 years for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. My career was cut short by what was proven in a court of law to be the result of on-the-job exposures to pesticides. With the help of Ralph Kirk, I was able to prove that these exposures led to my Parkinson's disease. I have no doubt that without the unflinching support of Ralph Kirk, I would have lost my Workers' Compensation case. (Indeed, it would be hard for me to imagine the gravity of such a loss. My family and life would have been ruined.) After my having given nearly two decades of my life to protecting the health of the people of New York, and of their environment, deciding on my behalf was both the moral and legal thing for the Workers' Compensation Board to do. Although my case was strong and scientifically grounded, a grudging five-year legal fight had to be fought - and largely because Ralph Kirk and his gifted teams of workers' compensation specialists were involved from the onset, I prevailed. Ralph Kirk's dedication to the health and welfare of workers in New York State give many a victim a strong and able voice in what often seems like a forbidden sea of bureaucracy.

    - P.R.C

  • They are awesome and extremely helpful!
    They are awesome and extremely helpful and they listen as well as they're very good in explanations for your questions!

    - Samantha C.

  • It is reassuring to me to know that I have such professionals fighting for me.
    Ralph: I just wanted to take this time to thank you, Justin and Jodi for everything you have done for me and my family. I want you to know how much it means to me that although Justin was in court, he took the time to take my call and answer the many questions I had about my case. I truly felt better after talking to him. It is reassuring to me to know that I have such professionals fighting for me to get what I am entitled to under NYS guidelines. I have never regretted retaining you and your firm to represent me. I would also like to thank Jodi for her upbeat, positive attitude. She has always answered or returned my calls, and when I was at the point of giving up she seemed to have the words to give me the strength to continue. For that I cannot thank her enough. It is because of you and your team that my family and I have kept faith and continued to believe that it would all work out in the end. Thank you Ralph, we are all grateful and appreciate everything you have done for us.

    - L.B and Family

  • The experience I had both as a client and working with Kirk & Teff, LLP has be wonderful!
    The experience I had both as a client and working with Kirk & Teff, LLP has be wonderful!

    - Kim C.

  • Thank you, thank you! I am now able to pay our home off.
    Thank you, thank you! I am now able to pay our home off. No more mortgage payments! Owning our home, debt free, no more worrying as we get older... such an amazing feeling. Couldn't have done this without your help Mr. Kirk. All my bills up-to-date and hopefully a vacation for our 45th Anniversary in April. Just know that your staff was very informative about any questions I have ever asked. I would and have referred a couple of clients you may have. I want to thank you for all your hard work and this is a blessing to me. Much appreciated.

    - Laura

  • Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
    I want to thank you guys so much. I have had several cases and all have been perfectly taken care of by your staff. Bob and Jodi are unbelievable and always there for me whenever I need them or need help with anything at all. I literally only have to sign my name a few times and they do everything from A to Z for me. I could not be happier. Jodi gets back to me promptly and daily and Justin always takes care of anything urgent or important. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

    - Sprague

  • A true caring, compassionate and professional individual
    I want to personally thank Jennifer Osterhoudt for all of her help in processing the necessary paper work for my SSDI claim. She is an asset to the office of Kirk & Teff. A true caring, compassionate and professional individual to say the least. I believe, because of her, I had a quick response from Social Security. I would highly recommend this Law office to all my friends and family members as a result of my dealings with Jennifer. Many Thanks!!!!

    - Joanne

  • My family is forever grateful to all of you!
    I am writing this testimonial on behalf of all of the employees at Kirk & Teff, LLP. I have been a client with this law firm since 2007. When I first hired their law firm I was very new to workers' compensation and had no idea that in the near future they would be able to get me awards for all of my past work injuries. Over the years they have become not only my representing lawyers for all of my many workers' compensation cases, but also people that I can turn to for advice as well as emotional consulting. Being on workers' compensation leave, you are dealing with a lot of stress emotionally. When you get hurt on the job the last thing you want to worry about is making sure you still have your benefits from your employer so you can provide for your family. I have had numerous incidents at work and every time I never had to worry because I had the best of the best representing me. I cannot thank and applaud this whole law firm enough and I assure you that being represented by them, you will always come out on top. The employees at Kirk & Teff, LLP are not only my representing lawyers but I consider each and every one of them, family! Special thanks to Ralph, Justin, Bob, Jodi, Dan, Anita and everyone else at the firm. My family is forever grateful to all of you!

    - The "G" Family, New York State

  • Thank you for always helping me make each day a little better!!
    Three years ago, I had a unfortunate fall at work. I was under the impression I would be back to work quickly. That was not the case. Concerned about laps in pay and family, I reached out to Kirk & Teff to help guide me through all the crazy paper work and worries. Well they have done that and so much more. They have been with me every mountain I have climbed. I have called them morning, noon, and night. They and their staff take care of me like family! Nothing is off limits. Thank you for always helping me make each day a little better!!

    - Nancy

  • Obtained a decision in my favor.
    I hired Mr. Kirk's office after been referred by several of my fellow corrections officers. I was fully advised of my rights regarding Workers' Compensation, income tax issues for wage continuation, Social Security Disability, Unemployment, No-fault, and Disability benefits. Mr. Kirk's office reviewed all work related injury claims and worked to obtain awards for my permanent injuries and increase awards when the conditions got worse. The insurance company was only partially cooperative in acknowledging periods of intermittent lost time. Mr. Kirk contacted the insurance company to work out periods of credit awards and when they refused to cooperate he requested a hearing before a Judge and obtained a decision in my favor.

    - A.D.