Asbestos Exposure and Worker's Compensation

Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals that can be used in certain products like building materials. Construction workers are frequently exposed to asbestos materials, and may inhale the small fibers into their lungs. This can result in cancers and other lung diseases that may qualify for worker's compensation in the future. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has laws about asbestos exposure in construction work, shipyards, and general industry as well as brake and clutch repair in auto repair shops. The standards for asbestos exposure prevention that are written by the OSHA should be followed. When they are not, companies can be fined and workers may receive significant settlements for their injuries.

OSHA demands that exposure levels stay below 0.1 fiber per cubic centimeter of air over an 8-hour work shift. When a workplace has a higher level of asbestos exposure, the employers must provide respiratory protection for all workers. As well, contractors and employers must make an effort to control exposures using whatever methods are available and practical. Also, all workplaces where asbestos exposure is apparent must prohibit the use of compressed air until the asbestos is removed.

Any workplaces with high asbestos exposure are required to also provide hygiene facilities for workers. In these places individuals can decontaminate from the asbestos exposure. Any workers who smoke must do this outside the area with high asbestos exposure, as it could heighten the possibility of developing a cancer. In construction areas and shipyards, employers are required to provide training for any workers that are exposed to asbestos at high levels, and place labels on any items containing asbestos particles inside.

If you have been injured or developed an illness because of asbestos exposure, then you need to contact an attorney today for more information. With an Albany workers' compensation lawyer on your side, you can have the assistance that you need to get financial payment for your injuries. If you suffer from a serious illness like cancer, and can trace the illness back to asbestos exposure in the workplace, then you should contact a lawyer at Kirk & Teff, LLP today!

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